Welcome to The Dessert Stomach. I’ve started this food blog to share the sweet creations coming out of my kitchen.  Here you’ll find recipes and baking tips to help you recreate these tasty confections in your own home.

I’ve been baking regularly for several years now. I’ll try my hand at making anything sweet: from cakes to candies, pies to ice creams, candies to cookies, and truffles to custards. My sweet tooth knows no bounds and I’m always looking for the next baking frontier.

Growing up I used to claim that I had a second stomach exclusively for desserts.  This was my excuse for always saving a little room for sweets, even after a filling meal.

Every week I’ll post a new creation, along with a recipe and lots of mouthwatering photos. There is a comments section at the end of each post for you to leave feedback. If you have any questions about the recipes, this is the place to ask them.

And remember, there’s always room for a great dessert!

Happy Baking,

Gingerbread Amputee

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